When it comes to beauty gadgets, there’s an extensive range of tools available on the market — which makes pinpointing those that are actually worth trying a difficult task. A prime example: Exfoliating face washcloths and towels.

Despite going viral on Amazon and TikTok, these beauty tools have a sea of mixed reviews from skincare experts with many questioning their safety and whether or not they are even needed. Like any product in the beauty realm, it just comes down to the way that you use it.

While you may just assume that exfoliating face washcloths and towels are relatively easy to master, something as simple as applying too much pressure or using them too frequently can be detrimental to your skin. To get a better understanding of the risks, we talked with New York-based esthetician and founder of Skinfolk, Simedar Jackson. Spoiler alert: If you take the time to learn the ins…

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