From beauty hacks to complicated (but fun) dances, TikTok is without a doubt the app to go to if you’re looking for a fun challenge — even more so during this social distancing period.

The latest viral challenge to hit the app is the #DontRush challenge — and it uses Young T and Bugsey’s “Don’t Rush” single as a soundtrack. Dubbed by users as “from bummy to baddie,” though now not all videos use the same sound, they’re all based on the same concept: A group of friends recording themselves in robes, tied up hair, and fresh out of bed ‘fits. After waving a makeup brush into the camera, one by one, they quickly transform into a “going out” version of themselves — all alone from the comfort of their own homes of course.

After going through a full transformation, each creator takes turns to create an illusion of dropping an item of their choice (which could be a makeup…

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