We all know that fashion is cyclical. Every two or so decades, trends make a comeback; that’s why you might have noticed Y2K- and McBling-inspired (no, they’re not the same!) looks popping up in your everyday encounters and especially on social media. More specifically, TikTok. While some throwback trends are received with open arms (case in point: visible G-strings and tracksuits), others are welcomed with slight confusion. Enter: Yoga pants. Or, what teens are calling them now: Flared leggings.

Technically, nobody is wrong when it comes to the garments’ actual name. Yoga Pants vs. Flared Leggings. The internet’s newest debate, started when YouTube and TikTok sensation Emma Chamberlain took to Twitter and later Instagram (we’re keeping things cross-platform here) to share her love for UGGs and, you guessed, it flared leggings.

From there, TikTok users and comfort…

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