Everyone has their beauty trademark. For some, it might be an unwavering dedication to mascara. Others will never leave the house without their signature spritz of perfume, and some won’t feel ready for the world without a slick of a singular shade of lipstick. For BLACKPINK’s Lisa, it is her omnipresent set of perfect bangs that seems to define her look.

“Perfect” is a big word but Lisa’s fringe appears to defy reality — there are internet forums exploring its ability to remain so still and neat, even as she moves through BLACKPINK’s punishing choreography and takes on her solo verses. Now and again, you’ll see that Lisa brings a little movement to these lengths – the time she sat front row at the Celine show in Paris, for instance, she appeared to debut a lighter, more wispy take – but the takeaway is that there is never a hair out of place.

So, whether…

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