When you think of millennial pink and the Instagram brand that birthed all Instagram brands, you might automatically think of Glossier. And we don’t blame you. Few brands have been able to capitalize on hype (and maintain it) like Emily Weiss’s brainchild. A journey that started with only four products in 2010 has now grown into an empire valued at more than $1.2 billion (according to The Wall Street Journal) with multiple pop-ups across the globe and an ever-growing, loyal community.

But, despite the cult following, just like any other brand, some Glossier products are better than others. I, for one, have been one of those loyal followers (and customers) ever since I ordered my first Stretch Concealer back in 2013 but not every Glossier product has been kind to my skin. I suffer from eczema and very sensitive, so products like the Milk Jelly, Milk Oil, Serums, Solution, face masks,…

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