What better time to buy luxury gifts than during Black Friday and Cyber Monday? This is the weekend you can snag almost everything you’ve been saving up money for. And when we say almost everything, we mean it. Instead of crossing out just one luxury gift from your list, thanks to this year’s massive sales, you can cross out a few. And if that’s not worth a happy dance, we don’t know what is.

Of course, we are still in the middle of a pandemic, so we need to be cautious about how we spend our money. We need to make sure we aren’t overspending because clearly the government isn’t on our side and that stimulus check from March is long gone. 

Until now, you might have been eyeing all the smaller deals from brands like Glossier and Mejuri, and that’s totally fine. (They might be small but they are just as good!) However, if you are looking to invest in products like an Air Purifier from…

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