Our calendars might not be full of outdoor summer plans due to COVID-19 but that doesn’t mean our vanities shouldn’t feature SPF products aplenty (or, makeup products with SPF). 

As warmer weather arrives, one can’t help but want to be under the sun — in a socially distant manner, of course — but whether you decide to stay indoors or take daily 15-minute walks, you need to wear SPF. Yes, sunscreen is a vital part of your skincare routine regardless of your summer activity of choice.

No matter how hard finding an ideal sunscreen proves to be, the sun will take every opportunity it can get to sneak up on you with its harmful UVA and UVB rays so there’s no excuse for skipping this step. Did you know that, according to Dr. Gervaise Gerstner, you’re supposed to apply sunscreen every 50-80 minutes? 

Well, luckily, now there are so many beauty and makeup products that are SPF-infused and…

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