As states start to reopen, your first instinct might be to start sporting your best summer dresses and head outside right away. Well, yes and no. 

Just because states are opening doesn’t mean it’s completely safe outside. There’s still no vaccine or cure to COVID-19, so while you plan outfits for your socially distant outings, you can’t forget your face mask. But, once you plan that out responsibly, then you can start planning all your summer ensembles and, luckily, we can help you out there. 

Whether it’s for your first Zoom BBQ, a walk in the park, an outside movie night with your trusted mini projector with a handful of your BFFs plopped in beanie bags at least 6 feet apart, we’ve rounded up the 16 best summer dresses for 2020 — from statement pieces that will help you live out your prairie dreams to nightgown-inspired frocks that you can wear beyond the comfort of…

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