A few years back wearing the best sweatpants in the market outside of your home would’ve been a big no-no. Sure, Juicy Couture tracksuits were the exception (and they were favored by celebs and teen girls alike) but the grey and black sweatpants that you would wear in the comfort of your home or after your gym workout? Preposterous! That’s why we’re taking it back twenty-five years ago when joggers were all the rage.

Given the nostalgia wave the fashion industry is currently riding, it’s no surprise sweatpants are back and better than ever. Though they have now become a recurring garment in all of the model-off-duty looks, from Kendall Jenner to Hailey Bieber, rock in their daily lives, sweats have always been a favorite of ours to rock inside our homes — and considering our social distancing times, we’re sure our bond with our favorite sweatpants will grow even stronger here on…

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