Look, if we could buy our mothers (and motherly figures) all the luxuries in the world, we would. Sadly, our bank accounts have other plans and cheap Mother’s Day gifts will have to make do — but that doesn’t mean they will be any less good.

We all know even the smallest gifts would make our moms’ heart swell five times its normal size. Still, when a special occasion like Mother’s Day comes around, it’s normal to want to go all out. We want to give them the most thoughtful gifts out there — but that doesn’t mean we have to gather every dime we find in the hidden corners of our living spaces. During these trying times, we have come to discover (and treasure) the little things. And we can definitely gift our mothers something that will honor everything they’ve done for us (and beyond) without breaking the bank (because you know they wouldn’t like that at all!)

That being said,…

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