Let’s be real for a minute, there are few things worse than having an intestinal (or stomach) flare-up and being forced to wear a pair of tight pants for eight hours a day. Whether it’s a thick waistband digging into your already uncomfortable midsections or a tight pant that just won’t give you a break, people who live with chronic illnesses like Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn’s Disease, or Ulcerative colitis, know this struggle all too well. 

As someone in the aforementioned group, the solution to all my problems seemed relatively simple: Buy a pair of cozy, comfortable pants. But, in doing months of research to find a pair that was IBS-approved, I felt as though all of my options were limited to yoga pants and gauchos à la 2004. And while I’m not opposed to rocking a pair of bright purple yoga pants to work, there had to be a solution to my problem that was at least a tiny bit

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