When you’re envisioning the perfect fall wardrobe, dresses might not be part of your outfit formulas. In your head, fall is probably defined by leggings, trousers, and thigh-high boots to wear over your leggings and trousers. Because the more layers, the better. But you might be getting ahead of yourself. Here’s why: Now that dressing for the outside world is being kept to a bare minimum, it’s time to lean into cute and stylish fall dresses.

Also, 50-degree temperatures don’t happen when the clock strikes midnight on September 22 — the colder temperatures creep up just like all that Zoom-homework you’re leaving until the last minute while you’re procrastinating reading this (it’s our little secret, though). That’s why you need to either not pack up your summer dresses just yet or invest in specific dress styles you can wear for the next three months (and even through winter if you…

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