If I had a penny for every time somebody on the internet has celebrated that fall is almost here, I would have enough money to pay my rent for a month (and that’s a lot by NYC standards). I, on the contrary, am very sad we’re saying goodbye to summer. Just like Frank Ocean, I also get cold when the temperatures dip below 70s since my Caribbean self is used to 90-degree weather all year long. Sure, I’ve been in NYC for four years but four years isn’t enough time to figure out layering without looking like a marshmallow – at least not for me.

Layers might not be my thing. But the one thing I do like about fall (yes, there is a bright side to this) is being able to bust out all my boots. In Puerto Rico, you wear boots regardless of the weather. Yes, even if your feet feel like melted butter inside your socks. It’s just the cool thing to do! Here in NYC, it’s cool too but it’s actually

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