Before we begin this article, let’s have a moment of silence for all those best lip balms, lip salves, and vegan lip treatments that we’ve lost. Lip treatments are easy to lose or notoriously hard to empty. That said, there’s an immense satisfaction that comes with finishing a tub of your balm of choice.

If you haven’t yet felt this bliss, don’t worry — it might simply be because the product you were using (sadly) wasn’t the one for you. Regardless of when you experience chapped lips (and why, like, perhaps eating too many flaming-hot chips), there are countless lip treatments on the market that are waiting to bring your dry lips back to their hydrated state. But there might just be too many options, that’s why we’re sharing the 28 best lip balms we can’t live without.

From classic brands like Aquaphor and Carmex to a Japanese treatment that’s taking over on social…

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