What place are you getting dressed for? Miami!

Why? I’m from Florida originally, and I think because it’s spring leading into summer when I’d normally go home, I’m craving Florida beaches. My parents live not far from Miami so around this time of year we’d definitely go spend a day or a weekend there. It’s always so full of life — people everywhere, music bumping from restaurants, people walking the art-deco streets in their sexiest outfits and baring it all on the beach. And I guess that’s just what I’m really craving right now, being in quarantine; I’m craving that alive, concentrated human energy and culture that we’re all deprived of at the moment.

What’s the first thing you would do in Miami? I would get a huge brunch (brunch is my favorite meal and while we’ve been cooking breakfast at home, it just doesn’t compare), walk around and shop while soaking up the sun, and lay on the…

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