Staying at home means we have more time to dedicate to our skincare routines — but what happens when we run out of some of your favorite products? Well, we turn to DIY face masks!

Whether you’ve run out or you’d rather hold onto your faves during your social distancing time just in case they might stop shipping for a while, DIYing your own masks can have multiple benefits (to your skin, your pocket, and your boredom).

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, skincare brands like Tatcha and retailers like Sephora have closed their stores. But worry not because you can satisfy all your skincare needs with ingredients sitting right in your kitchen. That’s right! The same bananas that are going into your yummy smoothies, the same honey that’s sweetening your tea, and the same yogurt that’s your favorite social distancing mid-day snack can all play a major role in your DIY skincare…

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