What’s your thought process of getting dressed during quarantine?
I haven’t been forcing myself to get dressed while at home. I know for a lot of people they need to get dressed to start their day, but I just listen to how I’m feeling. If I feel like putting on sequin pants and glitter eyeshadow then I’ll do that, but if I can’t be bothered to get out of my sweats that day then, I don’t!

How do you approach getting dressed for virtual meetings and hangouts?
If I know I have a video call with someone other than a family member that day, I try and spruce myself up a bit. I’ll put on a bit of makeup, maybe brush my hair, and swap out the hoodie I am more than likely wearing for something a little less comfortable. But don’t tell my mum – she gets me in full PJs when we facetime.

What’s your go-to “party on top” and comfy bottom look?
I just got this sheer blue top from Canadian brand Eliza…

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