“To be honest, I’ve never been a sock and slippers girl, that is until our new normal came about. I find happiness in the little things, like wearing my fuzzy pink Uggs all day long, and fun socks added to the equation just make dressing at home fun. I’m currently loving the Happy Socks collab with Amber Vittoria; they’re colorful and portray various female forms through artwork. Fashion, but make it cozy. This is my current go-to every single day. If my mood isn’t bright at least my feet are.”

Kelsey Borovinsky

“Something about wearing shoes makes me feel more productive. Because of my own fear of germs, if I am wearing shoes, I cannot sit in my bed, so footwear forces me to get up and sit at a table or at least the couch. The socks are a must because my feet get cold and these ones from Uniqlo will forever be my favorites. They come in literally every color and I own at least seven of…

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