By now, you’ve heard this story one too many times: I downloaded TikTok as a joke (or, in my case for research) and now I can’t stop scrolling through the app. Sure, I may not be actively participating in the countless challenges and may not identify as an e-girl or a VSCO girl, but I gobble up the under one-minute videos on my “For You” page for longer than I’d ever care to admit.

Now, if TikTok is still a foreign concept to you, let me break down the “For You” page concept really quickly. It’s basically like the “Discover” page on Instagram. Once you login to your account, TikTok serves you videos catered to your interests and the type of content you interact with. With several hashtags racking up more than a billion views, TikTok might not have influenced me to purchase a puka shell necklace but it has successfully convinced me I need certain beauty products. Nine to be…

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