A school in Middlesex, England, is threatening legal action against the parents of a 12-year-old Muslim girl who was sent home from school every day in December. The reason for this uproar? Siham Hamud refused to wear a shorter skirt on religious grounds, which violated the school’s dress code.

Hamud, a student at Uxbridge High School, told The Telegraph, “It feels like bullying because of what I believe.” She had been able to wear an ankle-length skirt to school for years before it became a disciplinary issue in December. The school’s uniform code, which was enacted two years ago, requires female students to wear pleated, school-issue skirts or trousers. Siham was first approached by teachers about the issue on December 1 and was sent home each day for the rest of the term. Now, she is attending school online due to COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, but her family expects the…

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