In this op-ed, writer Gianluca Russo writes about the problem with commenting on Adele’s weight and the problem with the body positivity movement.

Yes, Adele has lost weight. Does that really warrant its own Twitter moment?

Since the release of her first album in 2008, Adele’s body has always been a topic of conversation, whether from fatphobic trolls belittling her for being plus-size or the times when she opened up about body image and self-love. But in recent months, the few images Adele has shared on Instagram have started a new dialogue, one centered on weight loss, and following a birthday post last night — intended to celebrate first responders and essential workers — the internet erupted in a debate raising an important question: Why are we so concerned with Adele’s weight?

The conversation surrounding the newly shared photo — in which it’s clear Adele’s body size has…

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