Growing up, I was confined to khaki-colored prep uniforms with practical footwear and accessories were the only part of my outfit that I could control. As a result, I spent most of the mid-2000s in every Claire’s-like boutique in the Midwest searching for the perfect dangling earrings or that pair of cat-eye glasses (cringe) that would set my polo to look apart from the rest.

In the mix were elastic Yoga headbands and I had them in pretty much every color.

While I’ve since replaced the stretchy design in adulthood with the chic oversized padded iterations from Prada and Lele Sadoughi, I still rely on the practical style, over a decade later, to hold my hair back when washing my face. However a month or so into quarantine, I began rethinking the Yoga headbands current role in my wardrobe.

I started wearing the sporty style to accommodate my new cozy aesthetic and slew of stay-at-home…

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