So, in 2012, Kanagy-Loux took her first bobbin lace class in Idrija, Slovenia. Then, in 2015, she returned to Europe on a scholarship from the Fashion Institute of Technology, where she was completing her BFA, to study lace making for four months. There, she studied lace techniques at seven different lace schools across Italy, Belgium, France, Spain, and Eastern Europe — and learned that even though lace making seemed forgotten in New York, it was alive and well across the globe.

“Everybody was so thrilled with this graphic. And there were so many people at the law school involved with putting this event together. We ended up sort of at the last minute making T-shirts for the staff, which had this graphic around the collar. So people on staff got those. And somehow, on the day, one happened to make it to RBG. She saw it and said, ‘Oh, I’m gonna wear this the next time I work…

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