Ariana Grande made her face mask part of her fashion look when she paired a simple white mask with a pair of enormous, ’70s-style retro sunglasses.

On August 2, the pop star shared a few selfies rocking the shades and a disposable mask, and when worn together, almost her entire face is covered! Under the amber-colored sunglasses, Ariana showed off some lush, fluttery lashes, neutral eyeshadow, and sculpted brows — all in all, it’s a fabulous look for our unique time. 

With the shades and mask combined, Ari’s protecting her eyes and doing her part to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus — not to mention looking extra chic while doing it.

If you’re loving Ari’s sleek white mask, you’ll be excited to know that you can get one for yourself. Her mask, which features latitude and longitude details, is from evolvetogether and a 7-mask pack featuring NYC’s coordinates is just…

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