When it comes to showcasing a permanent love of snacks, Ashley Benson’s tattoo collection officially has her covered. After previously debuting a tattoo ode to french fries, the Pretty Little Liars star added the perfect complimenting ink, and unveiled a mini milkshake tattoo.

Instagram followers were among the first to see the new ink, with Ashley sharing a picture of the new tattoo, completed by tattoo artist Nene. The tatt, created using black ink, features a frothy milkshake complete with a cherry on top. Along with the perfect topping, the delightful desert ink comes with a striped straw, whipped cream, and a detailed glass cup.

As for placement, the shake is on the inside of Ashley’s arm, and sits near a small star and a piece of scripted writing that reads Grammy, in honor of her grandmother. The shake tattoo, which was placed on her left arm, sits just opposite the Pommes…

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