Beauty trend authorities are in agreement: classic bar soap is making a comeback. “I think brands are really honing in on natural skin care, and these [referring to the selection found on her site] are sulfate-free, beautiful, gentle and all natural bar soaps that really work,” Alice Yoon, founder of K-beauty e-commerce site Peach & Lily, told Fashionista.

No, she’s not talking old-school standbys like Coast and Dial (or any of the brands the FDA sent running back to the lab when it banned triclocarban and triclosan, two antibacterial chemicals used, up until recently, in about 40 percent of soaps). “Don’t confuse these bar soaps with the harsh soaps of the past; they are gentle and efficacious formulas meant for your face,” Yoon said.

We know what you’re thinking. Bar soaps are slippery. They’re messy. They sometimes develop unsightly little fissures that trigger our…

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