“The new 2020.21 winter collection is all about a dream world. It takes its inspiration from surrealism and the world of dreams.

Children do not rein in their imagination. They build their own worlds, worlds of fantasy and dreams that extend far beyond reality.
Children are the true free souls.
This is the idea that we built upon as we created this new collection.

Concepts such as incoherence, liberty, mystery, distortion and madness helped us throughout.”

Inspired by the  quote below from André Breton

“In the symbolic world, everything that is impossible in the material world becomes possible. By dreaming and in their world of dreams, human beings can access the impossible which, nonetheless, gives true meaning to many realities that are otherwise dull or absurd.”

Colours are monochrome, stone, soft aqua and pale neutrals.

Very cute romper suit for toddlers at Popelin for…

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