If you’ve been itching to change your hair while isolating at home, you’re not alone. Even supermodels like Bella Hadid are feeling the need for something new.

Just a week after she debuted a major chop and color on TikTok, which we now know was probably a wig, Bella has succumbed to one of the most common at-home haircuts: cutting her own bangs.

Bella documented the process in a series of Instagram Storie this week, showing off her hairdressing skills. “I cut my bangs,” she wrote in a video post, debuting a brow-length, side-swept fringe with a very ’00s vibe. Bella paired her new bangs with a cropped orange top from Dolls Kill and cozy quilted sweatpants from My Mom Made It. Much like the hair, her stay-at-home ‘fit is also very ’00s, and it’s clearly one of her favorite eras to channel.

Bella didn’t share whether she consulted a hairdresser friend before making the chop, watched a…

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