Supermodel Bella Hadid has been bringing back one of the most polarizing trends of the ’00s: Super low-rise pants. And when we say super low, we really mean it.

As of late, it looks like Bella is a big fan of the “how low can you go” look. With each new outfit, her pants seem to be inching lower and lower, Britney Spears-style. (All she needs is the dangling navel ring!) But, just how low can she wear her pants? 

In her latest ‘fit, which she shared on Instagram Stories, Bella defied all logic rocking a plaid bikini with a baggy mint green ’70s-retro suit. The suit’s pants were — you guessed it — slung super low on Bella’s hips to show off the high-cut bikini bottom. Bella styled the suit with a pair of sneakers, a high bun, and some jewelry. The summer to fall transitional look, what with the classic bikini and the bright color of the suit, is a perfect example of Bella’s…

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