I think we can all officially agree that BTS is a band of certified style icons. The record-breaking septet doesn’t just follow the trends, they set them, and we’ve been more than happy to follow their every stylish move for a while.

From the Map of the Soul: 7‘s concept photos to RM’s blue hair during the “Dynamite” promotions,  BTS always delivers not only music-wise but also on the fashion front!

To celebrate Bangtan’s style, we’re taking a trip down memory lane and rounding up (some of) the best and most stylish moments from the group since 2015 — from coordinated printed suits to matching white tuxes. But, before we dive in, let us start with an honorable mention to the Prada ensembles the guys wore at the Melon Music Awards 2019 red carpet, just moments before killing the stage with that performance. A SUPERIOR Bangtan style moment not included here purely for…

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