There are certain staples every wardrobe needs — especially when it comes to summer. We’re talking jeans, tank tops, shorts, miniskirts, T-shirts, etc. But the latter is often overlooked when it comes to updating our stash season after season. After all, all tees are made the same, right? Oh so wrong.

First, you need to decide what fit fits your body and your style. The boxier silhouettes make for great weekend wear (or everyday wear now that we’re stuck inside). They’re also ideal for sporting with those omnipresent bike shorts. A closer cut T-shirt is the perfect partner for baggy jeans or sleek midi skirts. Meanwhile, cropped tees look great with high-waisted pants or Bermudas.

While everyone should have a stark white tee or two in their lineup, don’t be afraid to try trendier options. And our favorite online retailers are full of ideas. Like T-shirts with statement…

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