Billie Eilish is throwing it back to simpler times, and shared an optical illusion with social media followers that referenced “The Dress.” It’s been five years since the internet came together for the greatest fashion debate of our time, and Billie is ready to bring it back, 2020 style.

Participating in an Instagram Q+A with followers on her story, Billie was asked for her take on the dress. Instead of choosing one of the two sets of colors — blue and black, or white and gold — she made the case that the dress was actually blue and gold, promising that she was ready to prove it. 

She then shared her own moment of fashion optical illusions, telling followers that years ago, she was wearing a pair of Nike shoes that her dad thought were pink and white, affirming that they’re actually green and white. 

But after showing fans the shoes, Billie was shocked to find that that many…

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