As music’s queen of comfort dressing, Billie Eilish understands how to merge coziness and shock value. The pop star’s outfits are designed to get people talking, but her colorful custom fits are rarely constricting. Case in point: her latest irreverent ensemble, which she shared on Instagram, is a radical yet familiar take on work-from-home style. 

In embellished trousers from David Cozy and Left Hand Los Angeles and a pair of Gucci’s orange flash trek sneakers, Billie was at her baggy best. Her pants’ airbrushed characters were a playful touch that alluded to her love of anime and manga, and the look was anchored by a Gucci scarf big enough to rival a blanket.

On its own, the red and white piece from the brand’s Intrinsia collection is ultra-luxurious. When paired with a silk scarf covered in the king snake print and worn babushka style, it borders on kitsch. Bright colors,…

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