The members of BLACKPINK never miss a beat, both literally and when it comes to keeping up with and setting their own fashion and beauty trends; and Lisa’s dreamy pink manicure is no exception.

The swirly, translucent mani with a hot pink base and lighter pink accents reminiscent of ’00s tribal tattoo motifs was just shared on Instagram via Unistella (aka. nail artist to the stars, Park Eunkung) and we can’t help but think it’s giving off peak Y2K vibes. With perfectly squared tips and a glass-like finish, this unique nail look is equal parts futuristic and retro, and it somehow works perfectly to complement Lisa’s winged liner, wispy lashes, and signature shaggy bangs. Unistella posted a selfie-shot of Lisa, which has so far garnered over 40K likes on Instagram, followed by a spotlight feature of Lisa’s nails in a separate post. Lisa had previously shared a two-selfie…

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