They say you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone — and that saying perfectly applies to BTS leader RM’s blue hair. The beloved hairdo, which was officially unveiled earlier this summer, is no more and we are all learning to cope with this great loss.

Part of the promotions for BTS’s new single “Dynamite,” Blue Namjoon (or, Blue Joon in reference to RM’s real name, Kim Namjoon) re-entered our lives with the promotional images for the single on August 10. From when we first met it, the teal, shiny blue shade became an instant favorite.

Up until then, Namjoon had sported a honeyed, golden brown that we saw most notably during Bang Bang Con: The Live. His new summery shade perfectly matched the upbeat and fun nature of “Dynamite,” which the members have alluded to multiple times during promotions.

RM unveiled his new hairdo, a dark grey shade, during a press…

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