If there’s anyone who loves a bold wig, it’s Cardi B. In the last couple of years, we’ve seen her wear a waist-length, wavy rainbow wig, a trendy blonde bob, a 45-inch, straight, neon-pink wig, among many others. But underneath it all is a gorgeous head of natural hair, and Cardi is really feeling it right now.

The rapper shared a selfie video to her Instagram Stories on Friday, March 13, in which she’s wearing a robe and admiring her long, voluminous curls in the screen of her phone.

“Look at my hair. This is dead-ass my f*cking real hair,” she says, the sound of a shower running in the background. “Yes! Lemme wash it.” But before presumably shampooing and conditioning, she says, “Wow, I’m so proud of myself.”

Instagram/Cardi B

In the next clip, Cardi has not only finished washing her hair, but she has started straightening it. One half of her hair looks like it has been blow-dried, and…

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