Vogue Australia sure loves Cate Blanchett. So it should come as no surprise to see the Aussie fashion bible turn to its favorite face during such uncertain times. The mag welcomes the established actress to its double June/July 2020 edition (three years after her last appearance). Riding out the lockdown at her English residence, Cate teamed up with renowned Australian artist Fiona Lowry on the other side of the world to produce a truly serene painting made from a photograph for the cover image.


Our forum members certainly weren’t thrilled with the cover. “Vogue Australia has transformed itself into one of the most pretentious editions out there,” said MON the second the cover surfaced.

“Edwina McCann is so lost. She thinks she’s a god. This magazine is bullsh*t,” voiced caioherrero.

“I find it pointless. If you are doing a painting for a cover, it’s…

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