A simple scroll through Instagram will tell you a lot about COVID-19 and fashion. There’s no lack of sweats sets, but on the other hand, fashion lovers are also dressing up purely for the sake of dressing up, without ever venturing outside (see #QuarantineChic for all you need to know).

At this point, no one really knows how or when the pandemic will end, and the fashion industry, just like every business sector, is scrambling to make it through – one thing is certain though: everyone has changed their daily life and also their fashion choices. It has been proven that major historical events, including pandemics, recessions, and wars change the way women dress. And clearly COVID-19 will also have a substantial effect, perhaps forever, on the way we dress. With celebs such as Irina Shayk leading the way in oversize hoodies and scarves that cover their faces, to others like Bella…

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