One of our favorite TikTok trends is the “What I’d Wear” videos, where TikTokers share the hypothetical ensembles they would choose to wear for everything from Fashion Week to making a cameo on their favorite TV shows. And we’re not alone in our love for the trend. Wven celebs like Debby Ryan are hopping on the bandwagon and taking us on a trip down memory lane!

Debby made her own twist on the popular challenge with her latest TikTok video, where she revisits some of her most popular roles. “What I’d wear to Fashion Week in…” she wrote, then transformed into a few of her best-known characters, including Jessie from Jessie, Bailey from The Suite Life on Deck, and pageant queen Patty from Insatiable. She even added a throwback to 2012 with a shoutout to Tara from DCOM Radio Rebel (and, yes, it includes a nod to the now-infamous meme).

Debby started off the video wearing a cute at-home…

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