Dior has long been known for its gorgeous imagery, and the French fashion house’s latest campaign is no exception. For its Spring/Summer 2021 campaign, the brand has tapped Bulgarian photographer Elina Kechicheva to take it way, way back with a stunning series of painterly images inspired by the Old Masters.

In the images, models pose in lush, over-the-top settings that look almost exactly like Renaissance and Baroque-era paintings; but look closely and you’ll see a Dior tote bag tucked into that dinner scene. In another photo, they stand together wearing delicate Grecian-inspired gowns in saturated shades of emerald, pink, and sapphire. We see them hanging out draped in luxurious blue fabric, snacking on fruit, and admiring each other’s Dior ensembles and accessories. 

Much like the chiaroscuro painting technique, the photos show off Kechicheva’s masterful use of light and…

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