Dua Lipa danced and sparkled her way through Studio 2054, a virtual concert series that featured the singer alongside other top celebrity talent including Miley Cyrus, Elton John, FKA Twigs, and more.

The night was filled with performances of her hit songs, but, in true Dua fashion, the singer revealed look after incredible look, delivering a shimmer-filled wardrobe that glittered brighter than the stars.

Taking to her Instagram to recap the evening and thank the team behind her star-studded night of festivities, Dua shared a number of images. Crediting Lorenzo Posocco with styling and Rae Hayden with assisting, she revealed the designers behind each of her custom-made getups.

Her first look proved to be major, and Posocco shared the complete details on the custom white fit by The Attico. On IG, the stylist provided a closer look at the sparkling getup, which featured a white bodysuit…

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