Hi, sisters! YouTube megastars Emma Chamberlain and James Charles just teamed up for two new videos and are happy to announce that they’ve mended their friendship — and that they both have a pretty bad habit when it comes to their makeup routines.

In one of the videos, which was posted to Emma’s channel, Emma turns the tables on James and does his makeup instead of him giving her one of his signature makeovers (which, don’t worry, they do on his channel). “I can’t promise we’re going to have a good end product,” Emma warns when she starts off her makeup tutorial, but the final look turns out just fine.

Despite the decent result, early on in the video, Emma confesses one major makeup faux-pas: She doesn’t clean her makeup brushes. Ever. “I’ve never cleaned my brushes. How does that make you feel?” she asks James. “Does it look like I do?” he replies, showing off his brush set. And,…

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