Emma Chamberlain has no beauty secrets. The YouTuber, who rose to fame with her videos detailing basically everything that happened to her in a day, doesn’t hold anything back when it comes to her life. Now, Emma is opening up about her last kept beauty secrets – including her favorite (and least favorite) beauty products and dealing with the side effects of Accutane.

In a new interview with Elite Daily, Emma said that one product, in particular, helped her handle the notorious dryness and cracking the acne-fighting medication can result in. “I was on Accutane during quarantine, so I was dealing with the intense dryness, the cracking, the skin sensitivity, all of that. There was a lot of emphasis on sunscreen, a lot of emphasis on Aquaphor for the lips,” Emma shared. “I was also using this nipple cream for new mothers on my lips because that’s how dry they were and I needed…

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