YouTube star Emma Chamberlain has built her brand on being real and relatable. So far, she’s showed off even the rawest and most honest (and sometimes grossest!) moments of her life for her more than eight million YouTube followers, and her favorite beauty products are just as relatable as her content.

Emma, who covers the June issue of Allure, recently told the beauty mag that many of her favorite skincare, makeup, and body care products can be found at your local ULTA, Target, or Walgreens. Her number one product? Aquaphor Healing Ointment Advanced Therapy, which she calls “the best thing on the planet.” According to Emma, she’s always got a tube of the convenient and small highly-concentrated healing ointment with her, even in the car. She’s been using it in part because she’s on Accutane, which can cause skin dryness and chapped lips. The best part? This wonder balm is just…

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