Global shopping brand Shein has removed the swastika necklace from its website after coming under fire and being called out on social media, saying that their intentions were to reference the use of the symbol in Buddism. 

Earlier today, activist and YouTuber Nabela Noor took to Instagram to share her frustrations and disappointment with Shein after many noticed the website was selling a pendant necklace featuring a swastika. Labeled simply as “Metal Swastika Pendant Necklace,” the backlash comes just days after Shein publicly announced that they would stop selling prayer mats as “decorative rugs” following the lobbying of many Muslim activists against it, Nabela included.

“I am so disgusted by @sheinofficial ‘s sheer ignorance and blatant disrespect towards other cultures and religions,” Nabela wrote on Instagram. “Seeing this today makes me feel sick to my stomach and question the…

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