Rihanna’s Fenty Skin launch has had all eyes on her and her skin for the past couple of weeks. From the long-awaited list of ingredients in the products to product reviews, Fenty Skin has been the talk of the beauty community. This week, Rihanna shared her nighttime skincare routine in a video accompanying her Harper’s Bazaar cover shoot. We knew her routine would solely be Fenty Skin, but some parts of her routine surprised us, like not double-cleansing.

For starters, cleansing is a huge step in routines. There isn’t really a skincare routine without a cleanser. More specifically, double cleansing because an initial cleanse may tackle (makeup, excess oils, any product), while a second cleanse can address other areas of the skin, such as hydrating or moisturizing. Everyone’s skin is different so it varies. But, for her personal skincare routine, Rihanna says, “I usually…

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