Following an apology from Everlane founder and CEO, Michael Preysman, Instagram account Everlane Ex-Wives Club is asking followers to #BoycottEverlane. 

On June 29, following Ex-Wives Club’s original post from June 22 denouncing the “toxic workplace” in Everlane, Preysman issued a public apology via Instagram. Ex-Wives Club’s initial post shared a few stories of Everlane employees who claim to have experienced racism and microaggressions in the workplace as well as a clear list of what they would like to see from Everlane moving forward. Preysman’s new post detailed a list of actions the company will be taking going forward to create an “inclusive environment” where all employees can “thrive together.”

In response to Preysman’s apology, Ex-Wives Club issued a new statement titled “Everlane’s (In)Actions Matter — why it’s time to #BoycottEverlane.” In their post, the…

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