I’m dressed for a zoom date, a family call, and an online cooking class!

How do your looks for at home differ from what you would wear IRL?

I think I’m currently overdressing more just because I don’t have to go out on the streets and I can wear whatever I want. So I’m trying to get more creative, it also helps the fact that I can take longer to decide as there’s nowhere to go. Only my friends (over the phone) or the people that I’m with will see me.

Why is it important to you to still get dressed for virtual events?

I think it’s super important to still get dressed for both virtual events and just being around the house because it makes you feel like everything is normal and I feel it’s good for your mental health. It definitely helps me escape the reality.

How has your closet made you feel during this time?Some days it stresses me a bit because I’m used to constantly…

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