In the Gossip Girl heyday, the show’s hyper-posh Upper East Side costuming made the style mood board of millennials’ collective consciousness (at least of those who watched the show.) In 2007, it was Blair Waldorf and her accompanying clique who defined what preppy style meant. Jenny Humphrey outlined to us edgy for the modern teen. Gossip Girl’s thesis on personal style showed itself in the ever-changing style modifications to their high school uniforms (was that even allowed?) Now, a new generation will have a new Gossip Girl of their own, but how will the fashion compare?

It doesn’t matter whether or not teenagers watching the show and were actually dressing like its main characters. (Honestly, we hope most weren’t). Even if the fashion in Gossip Girl existed solely as a glossy aspiration, the original show’s social influence on adolescent style was undeniable — a…

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