If you’re a fan of body modifications, you’ll know how easily addictive piercings and co. are — and JB, the leader of K-pop group GOT7, seems to agree.

JB, whose real name is Lim Jae-beom, recently sat down with Allure to discuss his journey since debuting under JYP Entertainment and the expectations “to fit the image of an idol.” In doing so, he took the chance to discuss his own experience with body modifications.

Sharing how he’s grown into his own skin and how he came to find his personal aesthetic, JB spotlighted piercings as one of his preferred methods to “break out of the box.”

Last October, JB surprised fans when he debuted a stud in his nose but the nose piercing was nothing compared to his next move. Back in January, fans spotted the singer with an anti-eyebrow piercing (basically a surface piercing featuring a simple, straight barbell on his upper cheek, just…

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